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Veterinary System Services is Denver based corporation, founded in 2014.


Good people and good systems make a great practice!

The Vision: 

To help veterinary medicine grow and evolve.  To be a partner for practices, supporting their systems.  To assist those that are trying to provide the best possible care for animals.


About Brad Patton:

Brad’s love for animals and exposure to working with them has come in many forms, and spanned decades. From volunteer work, that includes 5 years with the Denver Dumb Friends League, to countless hours being a victim for Search and Rescue dogs, or a chew toy for police dogs, he has a passion for working with animals. In college, Brad worked for a small, three doctor practice cleaning kennels. Before starting VSS, he spent almost 10 years as an inventory manager for one of the state’s largest animal hospitals.  He has seen this industry from many angles.

Brad graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis on entrepreneurial management. During the final year of his degree, he was awarded a fellowship with the US West Center for Business Success. This was a program that brought growing businesses of the community together with students to overcome issues of growth. The center helped between 8 and 12 companies make a step to the next level that year. These were small businesses that seized an opportunity to further their own development. This program had such a successful way of tailoring solutions for each business that he used that for inspiration when creating some of the services of VSS.

After completing his degree, Brad became an inventory manager for a large retail liquor store.  He spent two years learning the purchasing and merchandising process of a product based industry in a retail environment. Working with billion dollar companies in a multi-billion dollar industry gave him a great base knowledge of distribution and stock. This was his second experience supervising the daily activities of 10 to 20 people, dealing with scheduling, and learning how to manage. Longing to not just spend his free time working with animals, Brad transitioned back to the veterinary industry.

aaha addBrad’s time as an inventory manager was for a general practice, specialty referral, and emergency animal hospital in the Denver area.  He knows what it takes to keep more than 25 doctors happy, a 24/7 facility stocked, supplying multiple locations, all while keeping costs low.  He has worked with the main purchaser for a human hospital pharmacy, multiple warehouse mangers for various veterinary and medical suppliers, and he understands the nuances of inventory for this industry.  He has orchestrated multi-million dollar bids and dealt with various purchasing contracts with all types of suppliers.

About Us

Veterinary System Services is a company designed to support the veterinary community of the Denver and greater front-range area of Colorado. We understand the business of animal medicine and want to support your practice.

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