Do you need help covering shifts for an employee who will be temporarily absent?  Has business grown to the point that you are considering adding an employee?

Veterinary System Services Incorporated provides temporary staff for our clients. Whether you are missing an employee for vacation or maternity leave, sick time or jury duty – we can help. Get the relief you need through VSS.

This system is a safer, more efficient way to staff your practice. No liability of a non-employee worker. No committing to a new employee before you want to. This is a cost effective service that offers both confidence and security.

Cheaper than Overtime! ~ Many Veterinarians do not understand what an employee really costs them. This service is prudent and profitable for the regular costs of a seasoned, established employee. It is significantly cheaper than Overtime. Working long hours comes with an emotional cost as well. “Burn-out” and Compassion Fatigue are a side effect. Give your staff the relief they need.
There is a reason that more and more companies are moving to temporary staffing as opposed to placement. When it comes to finding the right person, it’s the most cost effective and time efficient way to go. As with all commitments, “it is better to try it before you buy it.”

Make it a habit to outsource your Overtime shifts. Then when your staff needs a break or you really need coverage, it is easy to get consistent, trusted relief and your practice doesn’t miss a beat.

Veterinary System Services is a member of the American Staffing Association.

Why choose VSS?

No Deposit
No commitment
No obligation
Flexible scheduling
Non-disclosure agreements
Background checks
Drug Screens

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Veterinary System Services is a company designed to support the veterinary community of the Denver and greater front-range area of Colorado. We understand the business of animal medicine and want to support your practice.

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